connections while solituding – a Correspondence Course

Greetings —Alas, but inevitably, kin’d & kin’d have had to cancel our Knepp Wildland course, ‘Connections’ but we have replaced it with a correspondence course ‘connections while solituding’ – which has already sold out – such is the need for connecting by all means possible at this extraordinary and uncertain time of Covid-19. We will be running new courses as soon as we can. Meanwhile, I like Donna Haraway’s idea of ‘having heart’ rather than having hope (all our hearts beating), and Joanna Macy’s suggestion that we don’t have to vacillate between hope and hopelessness, but can instead consider the gifts of uncertainty, which include settling for the present moment, and enhancing our solidarity with all our relations – past as well as present, non-human as well as human. See Macy’s talk here:

Image from work created during our eco-poetry course at Knepp Wildland in 2019