Kay Syrad has published two novels and her third collection of poetry, What is near, is forthcoming from Cinnamon Press in September 2021. She was Poetry Editor for Envoi from 2014-2020 and writes poetry reviews and articles. Kay is half of the composite eco-poet kin’d & kin’d with Clare Whistler, with whom she writes collaboratively and runs eco-poetry workshops and events (see Blog for details of our upcoming programme).

Please email Kay through the Contact Form on this site regarding writing and editing commissions, bespoke workshops, and mentoring.


New and recent poetry:

‘This collection is a quiet engagement with moss, air, horizons, the political, the scientific, the human, the non-human and the spaces-between where these things meet.’ Kim Lasky

Forthcoming from Cinnamon Press September 2021


‘All these pieces are sensation-rich […] Syrad enjoys experiential categorisation at the same time as embodying the experience – like a tree being a botanist, or a mental patient practising as a psychiatrist, capturing essences.’ Elizabeth Ridout

Cinnamon Press, available here