Poetry Readings & Workshops

Greetings. More events lined up for May and June: 14th May: Messums Gallery, Wiltshire, 4pm. Poetry readings, Kay & Clare Whistler, following a dialogue between Chris Drury and David Buckland, Cape Farewell https://messumswiltshire.com/exhibitions/exhibition-ground/ 18th May: Coastal Habitats – start of our new 6-week eco-poetry course in Brighton & Newhaven. https://onca.org.uk/event/coastal-habitats-eco-poetry-course-with-kind-kind/ 14th June: Eco-poetry workshop, ‘Meet […]

Poetry reading 24th April

Greetings! Quite a few poetry events coming up in the next few months. Here’s the first: Sunday 24th April: The Poetry Place, West Wilts Radio, 3-4pm This is what Dawn Gorman of The Poetry Place says about the event: Need a poetry pick-me-up? Then come April 24th, this could well do the job nicely – […]

Poetry reading 10th March

Greetings. Just to let you know I am reading from my new collection of eco-poetry, What is near, at the Needlewriters event on Thursday 10th March with Sonya Smith and Colin Bell, upstairs at the John Harvey Tavern in Lewes. Do join us.

Eco-poetry readings & events

Greetings! Here’s a quick of list of events (further details to follow). Readings from What is near – Weds 23rd February : Chichester Poetry Thurs 10th March : Needlewriters, Lewes AND kin’d & kin’d presenting Wild Correspondings: an eco-poetry sourcebook – Sat 19th March : Waterstones, Bristol Weds 23rd March: The Hastings Bookshop Sunday 15th […]

What is near

My new collection of eco-poetry is now available: ‘Poems like delicate essays, in the sense of attempts-circling, being-with, tentative and tender […] poems like seed heads, fragility and delicacy, balanced, a symmetry […] seeding more thinking [… a tender] engagement with moss, air, horizon, the political, the scientific, the human, the non-human and the spaces-between […]

Eco-poetry at ONCA

Greetings this unpredictable spring. Just to let you know that kin’d & kin’d* are running a short series of Zoom events with ONCA: ‘field fairing – diverse perspectives on eco-poetry’ starting on 20th May with poet Merrie Joy Williams, for which another batch of tickets has now been released: https://onca.org.uk/2021/04/29/eco-poetry-at-o-n-c-a/ The series will continue on […]

THINK THING – an interview with kin’d & kin’d

Greetings, dear people As some of you know, Clare Whistler and I run workshops and write as the composite eco-poet kin’d & kin’d. We were interviewed recently for a special MAGMA Poetry issue on collaboration; the shorter version of the interview appears in the magazine, and a fuller transcript has been made into a small […]