Reverie & transparency – workshop

Vert Institute
for art events and writing
Kay Syrad and Chris Drury

An experimental writing workshop

Reverie and Transparency

The workshop, led by Kay for poets or prose writers is designed to encourage free, clear writing by drawing on a study of ritual in creative practice by visual anthropologist, Amanda Ravetz, and the work of Swiss/Latin American artist Mira Schendel.

Saturday, 26th September 2.15 – 5.00pm

£25.00 to include tea and cake

Contact Kay via her website for more details and to book your place.

Winter VERT
Making a journal
diurnalis jurnal diurnal

Using examples from both writers and artists, this course will explore the ritual of making a journal, which could be anything from writing haiku at 5pm each weekday to gathering an object every day for a year. We will start with an afternoon looking at an exciting range of historical and contemporary journals, and then meet more or less fortnightly between November and March, continuing to explore different styles and forms whilst supporting you in starting and sustaining your own winter journal.

Introductory session – Sunday 1st November
2.30 – 6.30pm

then 8 sessions on Sundays, 4.00 – 6.30pm
(starting with afternoon tea)

15/29th November; 13th December; 10/24th January; 7th/21st February; 6th March

Cost for all 9 sessions: Early bird payment by 1st October: £120

Full payment (no later than 15th October): £130

Contact Kay via her website for more details and to book your place. ________________________
Vert Institute

Vert Institute, established in 2015, operates from our house and studio on the edge of Vert Wood near the village of Laughton. The aim of the Institute is to offer unusual and stimulating art and writing events and workshops based on the creative ideas and experience of poet-novelist Kay Syrad and world-renowned land artist Chris Drury.

Events and workshops will be offered at various points throughout the year, always with a basis in ideas about and embodied experience of inside|outside, microcosm| macrocosm, and nature|culture.

The programme may include walks and opportunities for making work outside, small exhibitions, talks and performances, and a variety of writing workshops. All welcome.

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Announcements of events will be posted on Chris’s website
and on twitter at @kaysyrad