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New Ecopoetry course at ONCA Brighton starting Tuesday 24th September. Details available at the ONCA website

Previous courses

Upside-down pond photo 

Three new books

Inland cover   t/here cover   Poemish and Other Languages cover

         Poetry collection from Cinnamon Press
         See Elizabeth Ridout's illuminating review in AGENDA here: AGENDA poetry reviews

Available here: Cinammon Press

         A poetic glossary of human and non-human migration
         East Port (2019) with images by artist Chris Drury

See Lisa Dart's short review here: Sphinx Reviews at HappenStance

Available here: Chris Drury's website

Poemish and Other Languages
         Wild ecopoetry
         An anthology edited by Kay Syrad & Clare Whistler

Available here: Elephant Press

Other publications

Send cover   Exchange cover   Double Edge cover

What people are saying about the novel, Send:

‘Syrad's descriptions are so vivid and tangible they leap off the page - this is a book about sensation, about our physical interaction with the world, and each gradation of touch…’ (LC)

‘It’s so bold and startling in form and this alone makes me very excited as a reader…very powerful, exquisite – heart-breaking, strength-giving and beautiful.’ (JT)

Buy here: Cinnamon Press | Amazon

Exchange - based on a Cape Farewell rural residency with two dairy farms and a sheep farm in Dorset - was listed by Melissa Harrison in The Times as one of the best nature books of 2015.

‘A gorgeous physical object … with a glorious layout of words and images … profoundly interesting and moving.’ (JK)

Cape Farewell project EXCHANGE | Little Toller

An exhibition featuring prints, photographs and a large-scale version of Exchange is currently on tour in south-west England.

Double Edge – ‘a sophisticated and accomplished poetry collection where knowledge is never merely knowing but lit with unexpected insights and human sympathy’ (KF)

Buy here: Amazon

Kay Syrad is currently Poetry Editor of the longstanding poetry journal, ENVOI and co-founder, with Chris Drury, of VERT Institute for art events and writing


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